You’re Not the Only One

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I feel fine.

I’ve been told by many individuals that I appear to not have any emotions since I don’t flamboyantly show my feelings.

I’ve released a lot of my feelings out into my writing which is probably why I don’t seem to ‘expose’ much emotion. I can say that I’m mentally steady because I don’t shock myself when I tell anyone anything face-to-face anymore.

Perhaps a lot of people are very emotional about what they say because they still perceive what they tell as shocking. They haven’t grasped that other people have faced the same thing, and they haven’t told themselves that they can get over what they’ve gone through; therefore they aren’t able to talk about certain things without getting very worked up about it. At least, such people haven’t told themselves that they can remove a layer of pain at a time. It’s important that people encourage themselves a little every day in order to feel less bad about what has happened to them.

Of course, I can’t say that what works for me works for others because, while everyone has the same feelings, all of us experience a different level of pain. I only want to explain that with some self-awareness, and a few good people, it’s possible to begin to take a lot of things more calmly.

Yes, again, there’s a lot that can cause one to weep whenever certain events are thought about but all of us deserve to live at the best quality and, again, I only attempt to explain how to live each day a little better.

Always speak up and know there are a lot of people somewhere in the world who speak about the same grievances. Don’t think you’re the only one.

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Thank you for reading. Peace.

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