You Inspire Me

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You are a very strong person.

I wish that life were fairer to you.

You have given more than you have ever received.

You have been going to a job that has had you feeling like everyone wants to push you out and keep you out six or even seven days a week for more than fifteen years. You aren’t close to anyone at work. You have your own workspace where you read and work towards your targets and have long weekly meetings with people you feel underestimate you. You don’t want to go there but you do because you are obligated to provide for your wife and two children.

I admire that you are still kind even when you have worked at different companies and have been shunned.

You read a lot and are misunderstood because of that. The more you read, unfortunately, the more you just aren’t going to be understood.

You don’t think you are good enough but I think that you are intellectually superior. I don’t know why people have put you down so much. I wish you had a better, more empowering perspective of yourself. You have proven yourself to have a sharp memory, superb organizational skills, high English language competency, and you are punctual and considerate. You have a high regard for what is right and wrong despite living a challenging a lifestyle.

You inspire me because, like me, you are introverted, you don’t like anything about your job (except the benefits you get from your job help you and your family survive), you love reading, you like having alone time, and you like walking a lot. You also don’t fit in with others around you well.

Because we are so similar in many ways, I feel inspired by you and see hope in the direction I’m going. I feel at least a little motivated to get up to start each new day because of you. I think of you going to that job of yours as I go about doing my own thing.

I wish people praised you more.

At least, I always think about good things possibly happening to you.

Hopefully, your life won’t always be the way it has been for decades.

I would love for you to know and remember that thinking of you helps me keep going; you are the nudge that I give myself to take one step after another, after another.

Step after step on the same route to work, in and around the same area before going back home.

Step after step on the same coast where I ponder.

Thoughts of what you’ve told me are my company.

There are many people I have met who aren’t inspired by anyone.

I can easily say that you inspire me.

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Thank you for reading. Peace.

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