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You and Me

It has become a habit between us. Every day, we meet together for a few hours. Sometimes we even extend the pleasure until the end of the night, according to our mood or our current desire.

You know, I love our story so much.

Our romantic ritual started for a long time now. That was a little over two years ago or something. Anyway, the only thing that matters is that after all this time the flame is still there. A beautiful, lively and surprising flame.

Every time I come to see you I feel this same pinching with the heart. I look forward this moment, I even think I need it. And then you know how to play your charms so well.

It’s like I’ve developed a kind of addiction for you over the years. I’m not talking about an addiction that destroys, but an addiction that is only good for the body and soul.

You have become my daily dose of happiness, my little daily pleasure shoot. I have no desire to stop, I hope you’re not mad at me?

I think you’ll always surprise me. It’s curious though, on the one hand I feel like I know you very well, and on the other hand I feel I still have a lot of things to discover in you.

I feel like I know myself better when you’re with me. You are like a kind of guide who is there to show me the direction to follow, the one that will fill me with happiness.

Your sensitivity, your availability, your gentleness, your way of softening my pains, my worries and my questions. Your patience too, when you listen to me for hours telling my stories about life.

You have so many qualities, you can be proud of yourself.

And then you also let glimpse a mysterious side, this incredible thing that attracts me like a magnet and throws oil on the fire of my curiosity. It’s pretty hard to describe, but I feel good every time I’m with you, quite simply.

Our flirting is relatively recent, and yet we have known each other for a very long time. Do you remember that? I wasn’t paying special attention to you at the time, and neither were you.

We’d see each other from time to time, and I know we liked each other, but there wasn’t yet the little spark that was going to throw us into another dimension.

I used to think about you a lot, and maybe you did too. But we were probably not yet ready to experience something stronger.

Perhaps I hadn’t fully realized the importance you had in my life. Or I didn’t dare to tell you how I felt about you, there must be some of that, too. I mean, I’ve never been very good at revealing my feelings.

Looking back a little, it’s true that not everything was always perfect between us. I made a few mistakes, and I probably still make some today.

But there is something magical with our story. Indeed, despite the small storms that punctuate our daily lives, we still manage to keep the flame going.

If only I could spend all my time with you… Maybe one day who knows? At the same time, it’s also good to let yourself breathe without being stuck together all the time. This allows you to give yourself a bit of space to get back together after.

Well, I think of you and I’m really pleased, but I guess you already know that. I’m gonna have to leave you a little. I’ll see you later anyway, I can’t wait.

Than you again for being there, dear… Writing! You cannot imagine how much you mean to me.

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