Stop Being On Your Phone At Parties

Could you maybe stop being on your phone?

There are a couple of things happening if you take out your phone at a party.

1. Why Are You at the Party?

First of all, you probably shouldn’t be at the party. Your phone time is precious and much needed in this digital age. I’m not one of those who say that you shouldn’t be on your phone in public or at a dinner table.

If you are free-lance or have a business, you need to be accessible, you have clients that need to hear from you — that is how you set yourself above the rest.

You should consider how you are using your time when you are with people in real life, though. There are various different scenarios that I can imagine, when it is okay to take out your phone in public.

Here’s a handful:

  1. You are having a bad time. This would include everything from wanting to escape to making the time pass by faster to calling a cab.
  2. You purposefully take your phone out to document the experience for later (in which case adding it to your Instagram Story is unnecessary, unless you “highlight” it, which saves it to your profile — because it vanishes within 24 hours).
  3. You are literally bragging about what you are doing and needing to post it online for others to envy you.
  4. You want to share an important part of your life with your friends.
  5. You want to share your life with others because of unknown/ hard to discern reasons.
  6. You want to contact someone because you have something to say to the party involved (this could be in response to a text, tragic news, remembered something).
  7. You have something important to focus on (important business).
  8. It is clear from the friendship that it is okay to be on your phone in public. This would usually the case with good friends, or couples, where the company is all that you are there for, not necessarily the conversation — so you don’t spend much energy on the conversation.

Some (points 1,6, & 7) are necessary reasons to have your phone out. Others are respectable reasons. The rest are not very respectable &/or necessary.

Which one do you fall into?

Ask yourself, do you really need to be on the phone at this given moment? Maybe it can wait.

2. Maybe Your Friends Are Not People That Bring Value to Your Life

Have you considered the fact that your friends may not be the best people to be with?

Here’s a couple of questions to ask, whether you have friends that are truly contributing to your life:

  • Can they stop talking about their problems and listen to yours?
  • Are they fully present when you are having personal conversations?
  • Do they read? (they will be better at giving advice)
  • Do they have good relationships with their families?
  • Do they respect others?
  • Are they disciplined?
  • Are they humble?

If your friend is proud or not disciplined and shows a lack of respect to people in authorities, these are all signs of things you should confront and seek to change in him/her.

Before you go losing all your friends!

BE a good friend before you decide to leave your friend.

If you see, however, that your friend is bringing you down — you need to show him/her that you are consistent in your reasoning and ambitions. You are here to change things, you have ambitions, and you can’t keep people around that will bring you down.

3. Are The People You Are With Uninteresting?

This is a scenario I can perfectly imagine. Mainly because I have seen it happen repeatedly in the past, especially when I was living in Oxford.

I was friends with people that didn’t care about anything and were living mindless lives.

Nothing against them. They were simply not interested in any significant things. All they wanted to do is party. That is a lifestyle choice for sure, yet it is not something I’d recommend to my close circle of friends.

My close circle of friends are people that have similar interests to me. They are kind, caring, generous, and loving.

That is why I consider them close friends. They will sacrifice their time to be with me.

And because of that when I am with them I feel as if I need to be fully attentive to what they are saying.

Make sure you have people like that around you. If you are to contribute to the world you will need to have the appropriate fuel to keep you going.

Let’s focus and highlight things that matter on our social media platforms and celebrate the ones closest to us for their sake.

Here’s to maintaining the good in Social Media. If you want to read more of my pieces on Social Media here’s some links:

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