When in doubt…

It is easy to get overwhelmed.

It is easy to forget to call someone or to remind them you love them.

Life will throw all kinds of curve balls at you, it will test every ounce of you and push you to your limits. Life will kick you when you’re down and make you question every decision you’ve ever made.

You have 1,000 reasons not to try harder, to give up, to take the easy way out.

It will always be easier to not try harder or to fight longer.

One thing my grandfather taught me, one of the many things, was that no matter how bad things may be or how much pain you are in, laughter can cure all.

When in doubt tell a story, make a joke, just find a way to put a smile on your face because a smile can cure all.

No matter how hard things got, my grandparents showed me how important it is to be optimistic, to remember to smile and push forward.

When in doubt, make someone laugh.

We underestimate the power of a smile, of a story, of a silly joke.

Even if it only lasts a second, a laugh can take some pain away.

Let us laugh more, tell more jokes, smile bigger, and laugh louder. Let us care more, and never forget what matters most.