We Can Always Tune-in to Our Natural State of Love, Joy and Happiness

When we’re not feeling generally happy, we’re out of alignment with our true nature.

Do you pay attention to how you feel?

It’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

Because when we’re not feeling generally happy, we’re out of alignment with our true nature.

While it’s okay to feel bad (it happens to the best of us!), it’s not our natural state. Sadly, we’re so used to feeling crappy, we think that it’s normal.

But it’s definitely not.

Feeling unhappy is a sign that we’re out sync with our innate well-being.

Happiness is what we’re meant to feel most of the time. Yet for many, it feels out of reach. If only we knew that the peace of mind we’re looking for is there, waiting patiently for us to notice it.

But sometimes, we’re just not attuned to it.

Our mind is like a radio receiver that is automatically seeking out the “Health and Wellness” station. (It’s sponsored by “Happiness R Us”! ;) ) It is always inside of us continuously broadcasting the feelings of well-being, love, joy and happiness 24/7.

When we leave our mind alone by not over-thinking everything, it will generally land on that happy station. But as soon as we start fiddling around with the dials, we lose the signal.

Without warning, we find ourselves tuned into the “I Feel $hitty” station. Or the “Everything Sucks” one. (They are sponsored by “The Crowd of Constant Complaining” brought to life by “Negative Thinking in the Moment”!)

When this happens, we walk around humming the blues, in a perpetual state of unhappiness, believing it’s the only music in town.

Yet all we really have to do is tune into the default station that came with the radio!

Which happens naturally when we pay attention to how we feel.

When we aren’t aware of our state of mind, we don’t always realize when we’re out of sorts. We think it’s normal to be anxious, depressed, angry and generally put-upon by the world. And we lose sight of our natural state of happiness.

However, when we become aware of our feelings in the moment, we can also sense what station we’re tuned to. And if it’s not a happy one, then it’s a signal that we’re out of sync with our true nature.

Now, before you go playing with all the knobs, this isn’t about purposely choosing the station we prefer. We usually can’t change our mood just because we want to.

What I’m saying is, that if we leave our radio receiver alone in the first place, it automatically will tune into Happy98.6 FM.

Which translates into this:

Notice when you feel bad, and then go on about your business. The simple act of noticing and letting it be, will help your mind start naturally recalibrating back to its true nature.

Just knowing (and believing) that happiness is, in fact, one thought away has the potential to unstick your radio dial and tune you into a better feeling station. It is your nature to be at peace. And the only thing getting in the way is a head full of thoughts.

If You (the part of you that is aware of how you feel) can see that it’s your thoughts being attuned to a negative story that’s causing your bad feelings, you are well on your way to freedom.

This is not to say that we should or could feel awesome all of the time.

While that would be great, we are human, and we’re meant to feel all that life has to offer. But knowing that everything we feel comes to us through thought in the moment, allows us to feel whatever we feel, with more ease. Knowing that well-being and happiness is always there for the taking just waiting for us to pick up the signal, provides hope.

Peace, love, joy and happiness are there for you no matter how you feel in the moment. Why not let go and allow yourself to tune in?

— Jill

Jill Whalen is the author of Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety.
She speaks to businesses and organizations, and personally mentors individuals, coaches and leaders to help them uncover their natural well-being and happiness.
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