Do you feel life goes by too fast and are fearsome of missing out on something big? A poem on Time, FOMO, and life.

Life ensemble,
gathering stars
Marching down,
towards the dawn

Fine lines,
through the shadow
Buried deep
within ourselves

Finding courage,
beating uncertainty
That lies
deep within

People rush,
in the fear of missing out
Feeling scared,
that life will pass them by

Yet to those who realize,
Time is the only thing
That ticks
with certainty

Wherever you are
Whatever you are feeling
Whenever in need;
Time will never betray you.

So when you find something
So precious Time needs its hand to work on extra hours;
Or when you failed so bad
You need Time to help you halt and recover;

Take it slow.
There is no deadline.

Because in the end of the day:
It’s the experience, 
and the people beside you;
That really counts.

For those of you constantly in fear of missing out, which are probably most millennials (or anyone engaged in social media, really). Take your time, enjoy life. Too many people are worried with their accomplishments (or lack thereof), especially when compared to their succeeding peers. Be kinder to yourself. In the end of the day, what matters mosts is how much you’ve enjoyed living your life, and who you choose to spend the journey with.

A birthday piece for a dear friend. Written 19 March 2018.