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Thrills and safety

Two sides of the same coin yet a balance of both is key to the survival of any relationship. Thrills have been pawned to us by mainstream media to include (but not limited to) sex, drama, breaking up and making up again, controlling and having the power in the relationship,engaging in the illicit; it could go on forever depending on what thrills you. It’s all really exciting. And thus Project Bringing Sexy Back is so common with the ladies.

We need to keep up, we just can’t afford to slack. Or so we assume.

With the exception of self proclaimed bad boys, a man will also want his girl to cook and clean and nature and care for him. Or so we assume. But with such extremes of things how is a girl supp’sd to keep up. And girl, forget about picking a side because that’s how things go real stale real quick. Or so we assume.

Simply him being in the presence of your power is all the thrill your relationship needs (being a girl is powerful, believe that). Your boundaries and your ability to say no to things you don’t want is enough to keep him off balance. And girl you don’t need to mother him to create safety. Feel. Be able to feel your OWN feelings and he will trust you to handle his. He will trust you with his feelings if he sees you respect and honor your own feelings. And there you have it; safety.

I have been sitting down on the floor a lot lately. It is what I started doing when I feel angry. I sit down on the kitchen floor, bedroom floor, whatever, for as long as I need to. Until I can express it in words and say “I feel angry” and sometimes I am overwhelmed (most times than not) so I sit still and feel the floor till I can shift to a better feeling. Sitting down feels silly. Sometimes all I need in life is to feel silly. My anger is not so scary anymore because I have learned to let go and let be.

Let go and let live.

Love and light
Post Inspired by Rori Raye’s ‘Have The Relationship You want’.

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