The Well Mannered Penis extract 2 — the shadow side

THe Penis is an organ of playfulness pleasure and fun, i suggested that in my previous extract about bath time.However there are other connotations associated with the Penis which detracts from its joyful potentialities. SO the following extract introduces this more tricky topic.

The shadowy, more sinister sides of the penis culture- the sex industry

There is a whole section of society across the world who have been left emotionally damaged by a childhood where they were not allowed to say no appropriately, where they were not taught good safe boundaries, where they were not taught now to value their own physical or psychosexual wellbeing and integrity. Although they may say yes and even defend their right to say yes, what they most want is connection, to be valued, given affection, approval, attention even. Just some smidgeon of something that they can cling onto, and sex can so easily be confused with love because of all those neurotransmitters, when it is just not there at all.

These are the people who are vulnerable to being trafficked or manoeuvred into the sex industry in so many ways, to act in porn films, to be prostitutes or call girls, escorts, striptease and sex shows. Boyfriending is a common tactic using exactly these vulnerabilities but treating the individual and a commodity to be groomed for exploitation.

A very, very few people are strong and well balanced who go into these industries with the intention of exploiting the punters. They do exist though. But might even they unintentionally be inciting someone else to act in an abusive way towards someone who is not consenting. We might never know but it could be worth a consideration.

If you like some of these ideas and want to read the whole book, it is only shortish but packed full of thought provoking ideas.The kindle amazon link is below.