The voice of the darkness

I feel lost, I feel alone like I could jump off the pier and be eaten by shark and no one would even notice I didn’t exist anymore.

People are busy.

They have their families and friends, the people they love, the people they make an effort to spent time with, the people whose photos fill their phones and their photo albums, the statuses they put up in tribute of these friends.

These people so special to them that they are part of their lives.

And there’s me…some girl people occasionally trade few messages with, the girl who is never a priority, never chosen.

Everyone else is always better looking, more fun, easier to deal with, easier to love and are actually loved.

I have no value beyond being smart.

I’m not the person people get drawn to, open up to, would fight for.

At the end of it all, I’m not part of anyone’s life.

I’m just the outsider with the voices, demons and nightmares.

Maybe they are right.

It’s not that the world would be a better place without me…you would have to matter for that, it’s that the world wouldn’t even notice that I’d gone.

Maybe it’s easier to stop fighting and just fade away….

Author: Anon

This is the voice of #depression.

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