The one key component to my success

My son enjoying life at the water park. I love being a dad.

Success can mean many things to different people. For some it’s the money in their bank account. For others it’s the position at their job. It’s driving the fancy car, owning the big house, wearing the brand clothes, the right spouse, the number of kids, number of likes, virtual followers, and whatevers… It’s all relevant only to the individual and groups of people with common interests.

Personally I’m not crazy about obtaining fancy material things or living to accumulate mountains of wealth. The older I get (man, I’m about to turn 35, yikes…) the more I realize how these things are empty pleasures without any lasting joy.

I do, however, consider myself a successful person. Why? Well, let’s see:

  • I’ve been on a very rewarding creative career path for the past 13 years.
  • I bring home a generous salary (and amazing benefits) while doing what I love at one of tech industry’s leading companies.
  • My creations have been seen by millions of people throughout the world.
  • I’m about to celebrate 10 years of marriage with my wife.
  • I recently became a father, which is challenging and incredible.
  • I look and feel great for my age, after 14 consistent years of fitness.
  • I live in a big and very comfortable house, which I bought at age 25.
  • I vacationed in more parts of the world within the past decade than most people visit during their lifetime.
  • I have nearly no financial debt and a potential early retirement on the horizon.

The list can go on, but that’s plenty. I don’t like bragging or setting myself on a pedestal.

All of these accomplishments are a result of determination and years of endless hard work. My parents gave me a head start early on in my life. For that I am grateful and love them dearly. However, there is one special something which has been fueling my rate of success since my early adult life.

How have I been experiencing this boost? These are some of the many ways:

  • I constantly receive uplifting encouragement.
  • I get honest critiques.
  • I receive love and respect.
  • I am always reminded to be kind and generous.
  • My tendency to stagnate is frequently disrupted.
  • I get pushed out of my comfort zone.
  • I see and experience more of the world.
  • My dreams and ambitions are fully supported.
  • My frequent tensions and stresses are relieved regularly.
  • I am encouraged to share my thoughts and feeling. (Naturally I avoid doing both.)
  • I am fed daily with meticulously planned and crafted meals.

So then, what exactly is causing this impact? More importantly, who?…

That who is the wonderful girl who became my wife in 2007.

To that special girl…
You are the main component of my success. I’ve gone as far as I have only because you are a part of me. I am grateful for your faith, kindness, gentleness, compassion, generosity, frugality and energy. If the past 10 years have resulted in this many personal accomplishments, I’m looking forward to 100 more years with you by my side.

Happy 10 year anniversary Oksana!

June 10, 2017

Celebrating Easter at our church.

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