The man she makes of me

Because she sparked my evolution with her love…

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I built a house, but she made it a home.

I had a life, she made it worth living.

I am a smiling man, she made me full of laughter.

Up until now I’ve lived a satisfied life, she made it an accomplished one.

Had everything I wanted, but after her, I knew I had all I needed.

I thanked God for each day, but now with her in my life I praise God for each day, I thank him for every moment.

I had dreams, she made them achievements.

I made plans, but she made them reality.

I always had hope, she taught me faith.

Always been driven, she made me grow passion.

I never lacked determination, she taught me confidence.

I always believed, she showed me trust is much better.

I knew forgiveness was important, she showed me compassion is just as fundamental.

Been known to be one in a million, but she makes me feel out of this world.

Because there’s been differences since you’ve been here in this life of mine, I’ve evolved, I’ve grown, from the boy I was, to the man I am now, and so has my love. I am Bate-Epey Ebai… listening to James Bay — stealing cars, and 10 other songs that make me want to write a thousand poems about love, and her.

And yes, you can comment on poetry too, I’d be glad to know this made a connection or drew out an emotion.