The journey of love

If life was a sea, and we the boats sailing in it, then love is that beautiful island which we stumble upon somewhere along the way, in mid-water. It is an island which mesmerizes us with its deep emerald green, its balmy sunshine and intoxicating fresh air — in short, its promise of eternal happiness. And for the drag our journey had been, journey of life, we can’t help but get lured into its territory.

It is not that all go into this island. In fact, only a few people are able to see it in the first place. Only those who are ready to deviate from their path, and are ready to take the risk, get to see such splendor. Otherwise, the eyes which always wander far into the future, which fail to see the beauty of the present are forever blind to such prospect.

But those who could see it, who do see it, soak in the view and are enthralled by it.

They set down their sails, and row towards its frothy shore. They walk up to the lips of the wave, onto the golden sand and breathe in the intoxicating fresh air that is at once binding and liberating.

And the view here is amazing.

The clear sky assuming playful colors from dawn to desk. From the calm pink of the morning as sun greets the onset of the day, to the clear blue of the noon when the sun warms your back and then to the fiery red of the evening when the sun dips into the sea as the sky turns as if it’s an ember of a dying fire. Until finally the grey of night dawns on you like a long forgotten dream. It is heaven on the earth.

You live in a perpetual high in this place, high on the nectar of love.

You experience it in the salty water of the sea, and also in the juicy fruits of the forest. Among the trees that rise higher and higher until they vanish into the mist of the morning sky. In its water that is as clear as glass, grass soft as velvet. In the rustling of the leaves that sing the songs of your heart. Even in its silence that speaks to you, in-between the chirping of the birds in the sky, and the crunching of dry leaves under your feet.

You are living. You are happy. You are satisfied.

And you rejoice, living in the present, forgetting about the shadows of the past, discarding the worries of the future.

Spur by the promise of love you venture deeper into the forest, into the womb of the island because that’s where the elixir of love lies. But now the walk isn’t easy anymore. The scenery no more breathtaking. The road treacherous, the walk steep. And you start wondering, the whether was all of this worth it to you?

And the wanderer that human heart is, the stay at one place suddenly starts feeling as if binding. The work now tires you, work for your love, and then you look back, at what was out there, what all you had left behind, the open skies under which you used to sail. A free bird, an uncaged animal. You remember the days when the wind filled the sails of your boats, and also the hopes in your heart. And you instinctively start wishing for those golden days of your past.

It is during this period of indecision that your mind speaks, your rational thought kicks in, and now you laugh at yourself for being a fool. For the folly of yours. For giving up your path, your journey, for this which was nothing but a dream, a chimera never to be attained.

And you leave all this behind, this forest, this island, and resume again on your journey, on your quest for the treasure you had set your eyes on, which is still there for you to conquer.

But how poor is human mind is, to rejoice at its own intellect, for it doesn’t realize the biggest folly of its conduct. That the biggest riches lie not among the thrones made up of gold and crowns encrusted with jewels, but rather in this priceless thing called love.

And far into the future, when you would be surrounded by your wins but are lacking in love. When you see someone not rich of money but rich of love, and yourself you are rich of money but so poor of love, you’ll remember the moment when you gave up on your true love — the biggest treasure of all. For then, you would have realized that love was the elixir, the true treasure, through which you can live every moment as if it was a lifetime.

Originally published at Tidbits.

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