The Irony

Most of us are hypocrites; struggling to be significant, or just to keep it safe.

You smile at people you don’t like. You help people you don’t like because you’re afraid they might hate you.

You do things you don’t like. You do things in an environment you don’t like. You don’t like the people around you. Yet you’re saying vice versa because you want the result. The benefit. Or you’re just in a state of waiting for a better one but holding the current one to feel secure.

You follow people. You follow trends. You go out to places you don’t enjoy being there. Even though you don’t really like it, but yeah for the sake to be significant.

You try to always be happy. Never being sad. Breakups? Not a big matter. Failures? Everyone is like “been there done that” and it’s totally alright! I’m finer than anyone else. Failures are the ones that keep me going to a right way!

But then when the nights come, you secretly cry yourself to sleep. Leaving your pillow wet til mornings come.

“No, you look perfectly fine in that size.” But you don’t want to have their size.

“No, you are not fat!” But the truth is you’re skinnier than them but still think that you’re fat and go on an endless diet.

“I don’t care what people think.” But keeping good impressions to the people who are significant for you is super important!

Most of us often (or occassionally, or rarely, or have ever) do things which are not in line with what we really wants, or what we really believe, or what we really think.

Because we want to be significant. We want to create impacts. Or we just want to keep it safe.

But somehow, with the massive amount of people doing it concious or unconciously;

It starts to look fine.

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