The Greatest Mural Ever Painted

Self-Love’s Greatest Conflict

Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

I live with pain.

Let me introduce you to my imperfections…

In my mind, I have rehearsed.

In my heart, I have accepted.

The beauty goes well beyond the epidermis.

I am only as strong as my mitochondria.

My mind is controlled. My body in-tune.

Like a cell, I am semi-permeable.

Allowing in only truth, and releasing all that is untruth.

I live through my breath.

I move with my beat.

In my mind, I am strong.

In the world, I am here.

To know no pain, is to know no growth.

Would you rather truth or blissful ignorance?

I give you both: truth and freedom of choice.

I am a body, I am only here to facilitate.

The mind knows, when it is in control.

The soul knows, when it is engaged.

The heart knows, when it feels.

To love thy self, we must honor all that comes within.

Cell by cell, organ by organ, tissue by tissue…the imperfect mural.

The mural of life.

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