The Chase

Dear reader,

I’ve always found it rather peculiar that the part of a relationship that alot of people tend to enjoy is the chase. The flirting, the dates, the overarching general atmosphere of ambiguity. I guess I can understand. Constantly remaining curious about a person can be exciting. The longing for more. More information. More time with this person. More discovery. More. More. More. It’s just so fascinating getting to take a crash course on a completely new relationship with this person.

Maybe it’s just me. I prefer the security. Having a certain sense of control. I find that during the chase, you give a lot of control to the other person. Their decisions can literally affect your mood, and cause you to lose appetite. Whether it’s after you just met them and you sent them a text. Or asking them out and waiting for their response. Or if it’s thinking about going for a kiss. A lot of this will depend on the decision of the other person. As the person who initiated these actions, you tend to get the butterflies in your stomach, ever-nervous about what their response might be.

I mean this is the time where you’re staring at your phone even when it’s off, just in case they text you back. This is the time where you always try to look your best, to let the other person know that you take time to make yourself look awesome when you see them. The time that you might start buying a lot of books to impress her because you told her you read as well. The time where ask your older brother to teach you about watching basketball, because you saw on his Facebook that he really likes that Steph Curry guy (or whoever they call chef curry). This is the time for the dates, the getting to know you, the first kiss.

Although the security within a relationship is something I hold dear, I can’t disregard the fact that the chase is extremely fun. The way I see it, it’s similar to taking a crash course on something you’re extremely interested in. You spend your off time trying to get the highest achievable mark. You study (learn about them), you do the practice questions(flirting and testing the waters), and you take the tests and quizzes (romantic acts to win their affection). At the end, there’s even a big final (asking to make it official) to determine if you pass (get to be their boyfriend/girlfriend), and get to move on to the follow up course (Relationships 101, one of the hardest courses you’ll ever take).

I think that each aspect of the relationship has it’s own special likable elements about them. The first meeting, the chase, the honeymoon, the fights, the rough patches, the make up, and of course the happily-ever-after. But the chase has to be the one I find the most stressful since you don’t want to accidentally mess things up. Unfortunately reader, I know there will be many more ‘chase(s)’ before I find my ‘the one’, so I’m going to keep trying.

Love always,


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