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The Breeze that Carried Farewells

Falls Scented in You…

verdure of spring

captured by every needing sense

where winter just stood in rows

bark wrapped monument

barefoot passage thru the cherry grove

now fragranced in familiar sorrows of you

below blossom

petals of unmelting snow

miniature promises float …

fall …

fall like untidy and knowing farewell

mottled shadows

below unfurling green

branches in a peek-a-boo of flirtatious sun

lush green brushstrokes carpeted below

run playful fingers and toes thru it

let it cool the bare back in summer

I will…

will always remember

… remember you lazy there

lying unfettered, unbound

carefree … careless

as if death could not find you where

… where bees hum and birds sing

in jealousy

above our whispers among the moans

just as passing of the blossom

destine to ride a summoning breeze

… farewell … before the fruit

before the ripening

wings of bees hover, sting

birds selfishly pierce holes

into the plump red flesh

when you did not find my grass

…. once

as comforting

left your fruit and go

turning crimson leaves to fall…

to fall where once we lay

flesh moist and sweet as cherries

that yeild then too fall

fell where shadows laid paths

upon our skin

our skin entwined upon matted

blades of grass

and you

… those blossoms will shed again

in spring

in the cherry grove

… she looks likes you

tiny toes dipped into rippling green

carefree longing upon the grass

beneath the trees …

daydreams tangled

…flights in tiny promises in pink

petals…. float

on wilting scent of you

she will never know

passing breeze that carries two


one bitter

like unripe cherry

one warm

like clouds romance

with evanescent sun.

©jef littlejohn 2018

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