Tell Me


Tell me what the matter is
Tell me what matters
Tell me what is – how it is

Tell me.

Tell me to fuck off and take off
And leave off.

Tell me the trees have had enough:
Spring is not this year.

This year is not another year long
And you’ve waited too goddamn long
To wait.

Tell me off.
Off like the wind taking the hat you bought
before you saw how silly it was
to wear a hat —

People don’t do that, now.

And it made you taller,
like the wind that took it,

Above now.

Until you were below again;

Why does that sound like dirt?

Humid, sweat, putrid parts uncovering the story of our survival.

Success comes from hiding that – human.

And after success – what do we hide then?


Our own skins
And those we rolled across to get here,

To get here —



Tell me.

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