Taking a Break

Dear reader,

I’ve recently discovered the beauty of a break. Not just any break, a relationship break. A break from the chasing. A break from the rejections. A break from the ‘I wonder what she thinks of me’. A break from relationships (or trying to be in one). I think that this is necessary for anyone after they have just left a short/long term relationship.

During this time, you get a chance to explore. To discover new things about the world. To learn more about yourself. To have new experiences. To meet plenty of new people. To repair old friendships/relationships. To give time to those you love. To develop new hobbies. You have the perfect chance to give yourself all these experiences, and learn so much from all of it. Don’t waste it.

There is also a certain feeling of liberty interacting with the world again as a single person. Suddenly there isn’t a constant need for compromise. Suddenly you don’t have to consider someone else when meeting people of the opposite sex. Suddenly you have so much love to give to everyone else around you. Suddenly everything is on your schedule, and you are free to use this time to better yourself. In a way, the most valuable resource you got wasn’t just freedom, but also all this extra time for yourself.

Now of course there are downsides to this. The constant feeling of loneliness. Sometimes when you’re watching TV alone you’ll feel it. Sometimes when you’re cooking for one you’ll feel it. Sometimes when you hear an emotional song you’ll feel it. Sometimes when you go to bed alone, you’ll definitely feel it. Even though you might be surrounded in a room full of people, sometimes you will feel it. But I can say for certain that the pros outweigh the cons as long as we don’t dwell on our loneliness.

Instead, embrace it. Enjoy the feeling of loneliness. Be okay with being alone. Go on dates with yourself. Learn to enjoy your time with yourself. See an Instagram famous place? Go there by yourself and enjoy it by yourself. I’m not saying you have to always be a loner, but love yourself enough to be alone. One of the most attractive thing about a person isn’t their looks, or their personality, or their clothes, or their cars. It’s self-love. Something that is apparently so rare in our society today that people like me have to remind you to be okay with loving yourself. Think about it like this. Imagine you are a super magnet. And the more self-love you have, the bigger of a magnet you become. And when you have enough self-love, people will just naturally gravitate towards you. I mean, you already have one right here!

Love always,


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