Snow to Warm a Heart

My daughter wouldn’t fall asleep today. The clock was drawing close to ten yet she wanted to build a house with the big, colorful Lego’s on the floor. I was ready to lose it, heart burning with a moment’s anger. I held it back.

“Mommy’s going to bed soon, too,” I told her; it wasn’t true. We turned off all the lights in the house and she screamed NO like a banshee.

“It’s night. Want to see the stars?” She nodded, but when we got to the window, the spring night sky was filled with clouds and the deck was covered in snow. We turned on the light and the night lit up, the snow falling like dying fireworks. Snow, again. I groaned.

But her face, she beamed.

“Do you like it?”


She laid her head on my shoulder and watched the snow fall outside. My daughter wasn’t sick of the snow, didn’t mind that the spring birds weren’t yet singing. She just enjoyed the moment. So I did too.

She fell asleep ten minutes later with a smile and my heart is warm as well.

Hello there, Lovely,

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