She’s So Much More

A husbands soliloquy.

Smiling at me, she steals my breath. My gaze turns into a boyish grin, or at least as boyish as a 50-year old’s grin can become. She questions my intentions, raising an eyebrow as I continue my unblinking gaze, watching her eyes dance, pulling me in deeper, deeper in love with her than the day we met over 28 years ago.

She trusts me. She trusts me and “my intentions.” My intentions are for her. She owns my intentions.

by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Those first few years seemed simple, yet challenging. Not as much challenging to our relationship, more so the world challenged us. The world leaned on us. The world leaned on our ambitions. The world leaned on the little family that we had created; my wife and her two young boys, and me.

Supporting each other. Holding each other up as the world leaned, protecting ‘our’ children from the earths push, picking them up when the earth’s gravity managed to cause a stumble.

We learned together. We had mentors in these early years. Our own parents, each couple with differences, giving us the luxury of an a’ la cart selection of our relationship foundations; the do’s and don’ts in our eyes.

Our family grew, that was our intention, that was a reflection of our dedication and love for each other, what we both envisioned. With each addition, we strengthened, our love grew to encompass the new child.

by kazuend on Unsplash

With the growth of our family came the growing virtues of their mother; the growing virtues of my wife.

She grew in confidence. She grew in mothering skills and as a spouse. She grew in areas that earned respect. She grew in areas that created adoring commitment. She grew in areas that challenged herself, leaning back against the world that struggled against her. She grew in respecting and honing her many talents. She grew, and continues to grow, unwilling to cast a shadow and sit on life’s fence.

She has become so much more than the beautiful, young woman that originally stole my immature heart so many years ago. She is my complete. She owns my future. She owns the intertwined fingers of my hand, standing and gazing over the things to come.

I gently squeeze her hand, we turn our heads and our eyes meet, that boyish grin unable to subside. We lean forward, our foreheads lighting touching, our gaze swimming deeper, and for an instant, the world dare not interrupt.
by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash
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