“Our Freedom”

The right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

“Bill of Rights” by Pinterest

I have been thinking a lot on the subject of the freedom we have in the United States of America. Basically, we have the freedom to say, do, and support whatever we choose. However, there are laws outdated, laws needing updates, and laws that need to be enforced for the crime not the person. We should not discriminate; it is a moral outburst to sit back and allow others to be mistreated even when they think differently than you do. Each person should be protected and feel safe in their communities. We must be equal in the ‘eyes of law’ for all. These ideas are the foundation of this country. Being a little sarcastic, I see some of these rights for THE PEOPLE a little twisted either on a personal level or by the corruption of the system. There are laws that must be like an umbrella law, whether we agree or not, for it is to protect ALL PEOPLES. Diversity is a part of this country’s practices and must be seen and enforced as the human factor. Please, as you see suitable within the laws, exercising as a consenting adult, all that pleasures you. I don’t have to condone your ways to still respect you, for I do respect you. I wish to be respected by my circumstances in the same manner.

As young as this country is said to be, it can be a challenge to define. It would be approximately 242 years old if the starting date is 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. We are older if you remember history stating Columbus arrived in 1492, giving this country an age of 526 years. AND even older, by 10,000 years, when we understand the indigenous people of this land, whose ancestors from Asia, are directly connected to the Clovis people. In 2015, with the latest genetic technology, there is proof another population of indigenous people came with a unique strain being linked with the Andaman Islands, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. This group predates the Clovis population by 3,000 to 4,000 years.

“American Native Art” painting by Darlene Clark

Archaeologist are showing evidence of different peoples, coming at different times and living on this continent more than 24,000 years ago.

What does any of this have to do with freedom? We are a country made up of many diverse peoples and tribes. We know through history there were millennials and centennials of the migration of peoples who fought terrific hardship to reach this land. Crossing the Bering Land Bridge, they scattered to Canada, Mexico, and South America, taking their cultures and traditions wanting to be free to exist.

“ Beringia Bridge” by Pinterest

Many wars were fought and some of the indigenous people were enslaved by a people coming across the oceans to conquer new land. However, history shows the Natives warred and enslaved amongst themselves. A myriad of peoples have migrated to this land, many did so to be free. Many came for the adventure while others came to conquer for greed of land and the riches the earth held.

Many horrors have taken place on this land with much blood soaking into this soil. Many wars: Europeans against Natives, Natives against Natives, Natives against the Europeans, Europeans against Europeans, etc. Then, the Civil War grabbed this land, which killed more people, brother against brother, than any other time in recorded history of these United States of America. Slavery of the Africans and indentured slaves were savagery as like all the countries before them, but I feel it was MORE SAVAGERY, here on this land, because of the FREEDOM this country was representing with the multitude of diversity in peoples from around the globe coming one-way to settle on the North American Continent. These various people were pioneers looking for a new way of life. Global people from around the world were: Asian, Black, Dutch, English, French, German, Indian, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, and Swedish to name a few, making a finalized decision to remain for generations to come. This country was to be more civilized because of the many people coming one-way with different religious backgrounds so they could worship, freely, their God and gods.

Colonial-America-Virginia by Pinterest Artist: Sidney King

Are we free, today? Yes and no. The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” This law states we are FREE, each person will worship, speak, and assemble with freedom. Yes, we are free.

The “NO” statement I make, is based upon the lack of self-control of some people. The pandemonium witnessed in the cities and towns across the U.S.A. with humankind fighting in the streets, blocking traffic on interstates, fires ablazed, due to cars being torched and buildings ransacked with flames stretching through broken windows make people afraid; frightened people are not free.

While some people are marching for there freedom to assemble with organization and being respectful; others are aggressively stomping to agitate and show a lack of tolerance with neighbors and even promoting hate. AND this is spewing over into their own families and separating one from the other. The atmosphere is thick with violence and hate having no understanding. I ask, is this freedom?

We are a great nation made up of many small tribes coming from smaller nations through time and we must respect and allow each tribe to be free in thought, religion,culture, and traditions. When we protect and uphold the law for them, we do it for ourselves. Hate and violence are not the only thing stopping the idyllic picture of freedom. We as a society are getting pretty good at being APATHETIC, looking the other way because we don’t want to get involved; it’s not our problem. We may, not knowingly, act this way out of fear. There are some words we could focus on more intently in order for TRUE FREEDOM: empathy, compassion, tolerance, and the greatest is love.

“Tomorrow’s Future” by Margaret Keane copied from Pinterest saved by Marie Housman

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