One Day

“The only picture I have from thousands of images you’ve left”

Before everything ends, let me begin from the start
Redundant words from an inexplicable man
I love you is a phrase so profound that it breaks my heart
Because loving someone like you drained every gallantry I could ever give to anyone

To be honest with you, I’m very afraid
Of how one day, we’ll end up as strangers
With only lingering looks of us seeing right through each other’s broken hearts
Of how one day, we’ll end up as memories
Floating away only to reminisce when a situation allows
Of how one day, we’ll end up as history
With no record of us being in the company of one another
Of how one day, we’ll never even have a one day

If you’ll ask me why I write poetry and not tell everything to you personally
The answer was right there from the start
I am an inexplicable man and a foolish one
Because I’ve found the most amazing woman yet I can’t tell how much I love her…

At least without breaking my heart
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