Not enough to survive.

She decided to leave,
I tried to hold.
She laughed with him,
My tears rolled.
I was cheated by her,
Ruined by her.
Stabbed by her,
Betrayed by her.
I felt like death,
In every breath.
I inhaled hell,
In every smell.
Uninspired, Unmotivated,
For my end, I just waited.
Why would my death, be so late?
Why death couldn’t, be my fate?
But somehow,
I don’t know how.
I decided to postpone,
My suicidal tone.
To somehow survive,
To remain alive.
To not let low, get my best,
To not let it be, my lowest.
I survived,
And I walked with pain.
I wore my shirt,
With her stains.
Standing in front of
The unclean mirror,
I said I survived,
So, fuck her.
“So what?”
The mirror said.
“But I survived!”
I replied, with my face red.
“Even if you hadn’t,
What would be, the change?”
Mirror asked,
I found it strange.
I thought,
And thought, and thought, and thought.
I fought with pain,
But why I fought?
If it doesn’t change,
Anything in my world.
Then I am still,
Ruined by that girl.
It’s not enough,
To survive.
I must try more,
And I must thrive!
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