Next to Me

She sat next to me for months but I never noticed her.
Every morning, she said “hello” with a smile but I replied with a shrug.
Who had time for small talk when my tasks were not completed?
Yet she met her deliverables with a smile every time.

Her spicy, sweet, and floral perfume aroma always filled the office space when I walked in even when she was off duty.
Pencil skirt with a designer top every other day.
Her tom jeans on Fridays for our office TGIF’s made guys come around.
A colleague passed a compliment but I didn’t want to notice because work is work and there is no room to fraternize.

Then I got struck by cupid. It was like a veil was removed.
I could see why everyone came around. I saw her dimples that made her face stunning.
How could I have been so blind? So much light yet I couldn’t see.
I summoned the courage to ask for a date in the guise of a hangout.
The next TGIF was our date night.
From that day, we spoke all night making funny jokes.
I wore a perfume that smelt of grapefruit and masculine leather that Friday which made heads turn while heading to work.
All I could think of us was her.

Once a distraction, now my biggest focus.
Work became an after-thought and she became my main obligation.
Her desk was empty but she had never been late.
With the way we talked over night, there is no way she forgot our date.
With two drinks in my hand waiting, I got pulled down to earth.
My date was history. Death stole her before I could tell her.

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