More than wives and mothers

My rant for today. Many young Indian and Muslim girls in my community today, as in the past, are still being trained to think about developing themselves to be suitable enough to be a wife and mother and very little else. Even career goals are designed for appearance sake and must follow only specific paths until such time a husband and children enter the picture.

They are taught that they should choose paths that will help find “suitable” husbands. This usually is about his bank balance, family prestige, his career choice which should fit in with cultural sterotypes and he must be the right shade of the right race.

When marriages are unhappy due to incompatibility or abuse it has become an accepted norm to say that the woman must be patient and accept things as they are. Men and women suffer deeply because they are taught that this is acceptable and yet so much pain can be avoided when they are taught better when they are taught about life holistically.

Let’s teach girls to be themselves and find their own path first. Marriage requires that in the first place!

Women are more than just wives and mothers. They are so much more and they should know that. Don’t use religion and culture as an excuse.

When one truly studies Islam a woman’s status supersedes all that culture and humankind's own interpretation has dictated. We need to study this to know this or manipulation is easy.

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