Meeting My First Love

The song, “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne was booming and blasting through the Escalade’s screaming speakers. The song was the anthem of 2008, which was the year I found my first love. With the song roaring, we went to the Glen Head Community Center in Long Island, New York, and picked up two beautiful girls from the city. They were a different type of animal, but my god were they beautiful. We were in Scott’s Cadillac on our way to Matt’s house to have beers and play beer bong. A typical, boisterous high school weekend evening. Matt was the one in our group of friends who always had girls around him. This night, he had arranged for these two beautiful creatures, Dolly & Julia, to come to his house and drink with us. We were only 16 and had all just started experimenting with new things and testing the limits of our parents’ reign.

When the two beautiful creatures got into the car, I could barely speak. I was so stunned by their beauty. It was like they were from another planet. I was just excited to get to Matt’s house. At Matt’s I would have a few beers and loosen up my nerves. Once at Matt’s, I drank a few Bud Lights and was feeling more composed. I’ll never forget the look. It’s one of those looks when you know someone else is into you. The quick stare and turn. Julia giggled and whispered into Dolly’s ears, while I was getting ready to make my pong shot. I sank the shot smoothly and she cutely said, “Nice shot.” I knew after her little whisper that she was into me. It’s one of those universal language moments when you just have that intuitive feeling about something. I liked her luscious dirty blonde hair. I liked her green eyes and petite figure. She was very delicately dressed, with every piece of her outfit hand selected. Dolly and Julia were fashionistas.

I was at the age where I was just beginning to go through puberty and girls were beginning to pay attention to me. I had just broken things off with Candace, who was my first everything. I remember having the night of my life at Matt’s house. I drank beers, smoked marijuana for the first time, and established a connection with Julia. While we didn’t hook up, the foundation was set.

The next day, I had Matt instruct Julia to text me, so I could have her number. Matt was already hooking up with Dolly.

“Hi! It’s Julia. Matt told me we’re going to hang out today. See you later :)”

I won’t ever forget the feeling. It was pure ecstasy. I was so happy she reached out to me. It happened to be a Monday, which meant my Mom wouldn’t be home until 10:00 at night. Dolly, Julia, Matt, and I planned to hang out at my house after school. That’s where the first kiss happened. I’ll never forget it. She reeked of pretentious perfume and her breath tasted of cigarettes. It didn’t matter. There was something about her that intrigued and mystified my every being and I needed her. I had to have her. She will forever be the one that got away.

P.S. I’ll Always Love You