Love and aging

There is an old saying that ‘men age like wine and women age like milk’

a lot of old wine has also gone off and is undrinkable lol.

old milk turns into wonderful cheese

is that what this means lol

NO I don’t think so -

How you age is more about how you live than anything — how you treat yourself and others — how kind you are to others, and how much you cling onto material based happiness or instead live connected to your own wellspring of joy

We all have an emotional energy field around each of us and the content of that energy field will make us more or less attractive to others regardless of age. That is why we say things like ‘that person gives me the creeps’ or ‘I just feel good around this person’

I am now in my 60’s and so is my husband and we still find each other edible. The aging signs are more of an account of the journey we have lived out together and will continue to do so.

We love and find each other ever more attractive as time goes by because we know what is in the heart of the other and how that is still growing in wisdom.

We see the beauty of that reflected in the other one’s face. It is all part of life and love.

Aging is a comfort when you have a best friend to travel with — you know you don’t have to keep going for that much longer but you have a cuddle waiting for you each morning and evening while you do. What could be better in life?