Living With a Hole

Dear reader,

Ever have that feeling of emptiness inside you? The feeling that there is just something missing? That you’re just constantly trying to find things to fill it with? Well you’re not alone on that front.

In fact, most people all have this hole inside them, which is why there are so many successful people. They all work hard to fill that hole with a career, or money, or a new car, or a relationship. Here’s the thing though: That hole inside never actually disappears. It’ll only be smaller to the point where it’s not noticeable. We might have moments where we’re perfectly content with life, and in those brief idealistic moments, the hole is seemingly non-existent. Soon enough however, that hole resurfaces, leaving us with that sinking feeling.

I for one, have found that the hole inside comes and goes. Some days I’m feeling great, and it’s barely notice. Then there are the slightly not-as-good days, the rainy days. The days where putting sweats over my pj’s is the maximum effort I am able to put, when leaving the house.

What I’ve noticed is, that it’s not a choice. Everybody just kinda gets one somewhere between elementary school, and when you turn 18. The burning flame within us who once fueled with passion and curiosity, has been replaced with a flickering light that heats up when we fall in love, or when we find ourselves in the midst of an argument. And when our light flickers off, the hole inside just feels empty again.

I think that the trick here may not be to try to get rid of it, but instead accept it. Accept that there’s always room for more inside that hole, and fill it with love. Fill it with the compassion of those around you, and maybe one day, it’ll barely be noticeable.

Love always,


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