Kabir’s Plans

Chapter — II Falling For You

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As Kabir entered the class, he saw a beautiful girl at his seat. It seemed she was trying to keep a straight face, but was laughing inside. With her fair skin, small nose, long brown curls, and a sparkle in her eyes, she looked very attractive. Just as he was observing her, he smiled and at that very moment her eyes turned towards him. She gave him her answering smile. Her smile amplified her beauty. He stared into her big, beautiful, expressive eyes. Her look invoked in him a feeling he had never experienced before. He was dumbstruck.

Lots of girls liked him and he was attracted to many. But what he was experiencing now, just looking at this girl, was beyond his comprehension. A sudden urge to touch her, came over him. He wanted to brush back the strand of hair flying across her face, hold her from her waist, look deep into her eyes, bring her closer and kiss her full lips.

As he walked towards her picturing this scene in his mind, someone called him out. The sudden diversion of attention brought him back from his reverie. He wiped the smile off his face.

What was he thinking?! This was not a part of his plan. His plan was to close the next two years with consistently good grades, excel at tennis and a good score in his SATs. All this was a must for him to get accepted at an Ivy League college in USA. His zenith was excelling in his career and USA was the stepping stone.

He had deliberately avoided getting into any relationships so as to stay focused. He also believed that relationships at his age were very time-consuming, unstable and immature. He had no time or patience to deal with anything unstable or demanding.

He had thought all this through last year, when a girl he was attracted to had asked him out. He knew that being in a relationship meant sharing his time. He was not ready to give his time to anyone but himself. Moreover, a long distance relationship in different time zones would never work out.

No girl, irrespective of how pretty she was, would change his game plan. His career was much more important than a girl.

He had also experienced that good looking girls were mostly dumb and had the biggest attitude. They prided themselves to be something great just on the basis of their looks. This girl, who was the prettiest girl he had ever laid eyes on, was sure to be one of them. The size of the attitude was almost always directly proportionate to the quality of looks.

No matter how strongly he trusted his self-control, he didn’t like what looking at her was doing to him. He was irritated, for losing control, for feeling vulnerable. The more he looked at her, the more he wanted to touch her. By the time he reached his seat he had decided that it was best if he stayed away from this bundle of trouble.

He, who loved making new acquaintances and showing them around, decided to ignore this one. His friends stared at his rudeness as he asked the girl to find another seat. The sense of irritation he felt, was not lost on his friends or the girl.

Despite of his decision to ignore her, he couldn’t help but steal glances at her as the class started.

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