Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash


Love cannot get lost in translation

In a foreign land I hear foreign words.
They’re words I have learned to say
I sit in the shade of blooming trees
Where royalty stands before me
Sister is her name.
I will not turn away
Her face is velvet.
Her eyes without deceit.
We speak a few words in her language
I hear the words of the Master
If you do it unto your sister
You have done it unto me.
Love needs no explanation
It cannot get lost in translation
God gave blessings to me
But only as a steward
So I could give them to you

LaMar Going is a writer living in Solana Beach, CA, with his wife Carla and ten-year-old Summer, who makes all the major decisions. There is a huge duffel in the closet stuffed with Happy. Drop in if you’d like some. Thanks for reading.

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