Inclusive Political Correctness: Not So Inclusive Or Correct?

My guest writer is multi-award winning Novelist Peter Canova, author of the First Souls Trilogy which includes the much-talked-about book, Pope Annalisa. Today he shares insights with you on Political Correctness and Religious Charitable Organizations.

Okay, so the situation was this– Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was addressing people at a town hall meeting. A woman asked if the government could ease restrictions so religious charitable organizations could better express “the maternal love that will change the future of mankind.”

Now that is about as beautiful and progressive a sentiment as I could imagine, but not good enough for Trudeau. He proceeded to correct her language telling her “We like to say “peoplekind,” not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive” The crowd applauded Trudeau’s comments.

Your first reaction might be, “So what?” I agree it was a small incident, but given the backdrop of culture wars in western civilization, it has wider implications. A few observations —

They have no intention of being racist, sexist, homophobic or deplorable (Hillary, take note). They may not talk like you, act like you, share your heightened sensitivities, but when it comes down to personal relations they are good people. If friction exists, it’s more because they are tired of Hollywood, the media and self-declared, morally superior PC stooges telling them what to say, what to believe, and how to think.

Just sayin’ . . ..

Thank you, Peter Canova, for sharing your insights with us concerning the arena of world events.

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Originally published at on March 28, 2018.

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