I Love My Brother This Much

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

From the moment when mom first let me hold you
In my small arms
And I looked with awe — first at her and then at you
With bright shining eyes,
I loved you.

When you walked around in your crib
Holding the railing
And yelled out with joy on seeing me,
My heart lit up
And every fibre of me loved you.

You gave me a chance to be a big sister,
A teacher, a preacher, a role model,
But most of all, you gave me companionship
Of a little brother.
Oh, how I loved you.

There were days when I taught you not to drag your feet
And you tried your best;
And then there were days you massaged my feet,
You really were the best.
How could I not love you?

Our silly jokes and chats, secret smiles and winks
Made me feel so special.
And when we stood up for each other
Especially in times of trouble,
I thanked heavens for having you.

I grew. You grew. I, sooner than you. 
That will always be.
Toys were replaced by discussions,
Games by coffee.
As we grew, our love grew.

Careers took us apart, distance spanned ’tween us — 
Life happened as it always does.
I wonder if I was ever able to tell you, to make you feel
What a dear brother you are,
And how much I love you!

Guarding you, protecting you, keeping you safe — 
Was the promise of childhood,
But here it is again, decades later — a big sister’s words
To her little brother
Who she loves dearly.

I wish I could fly more often to see you
Over oceans, seas and deserts
Float like the wind, swoop like a bird
And whisper in your ear
“Brother, I love you so!”

To my very own Bhaai: I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Photo by Jenn Evelyn-Ann on Unsplash
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