I fell in love with your eyes

I had no intention of any major life changes. While I wasn’t exactly happy, I didn’t see a reason to add another element to the mix.

The reason I was on that site was more because I wanted to know what I liked.

My type, so to speak.

It was kind of fun. Just imagining what it would be like.

But, I gasped when I saw your picture. Your eyes. They spoke volumes in a way that no other could. It was like you saw me through the screen.

“This is it,” I thought. I didn’t look any further. On a whim, I was going to change our lives.

While I hesitated when I sent an inquiry to your foster family, I knew this would work out. I knew in my bones. Something told me you would be everything I could ask for in a best friend.

I drove 3 hours to another state to meet you.

You were so timid, but you came right up to me because you knew. Somehow you knew I was going to give you a forever home.

I paid the $350 fee, put a leash on you and took you home.

You felt so safe with me that you slept for all three hours on the drive home.

You let me feed you out of my hand. And you found comfort on my bed that first night.

You trusted me and now we’re an unbreakable team.

Little by little, I’ve seen you blossom into a beautiful, kind, thoughtful girl.

My Lily.

I don’t know what you went through to end up a stray in the Carolina’s, but I know that I’m so blessed to have you now.

It was meant to be. The Universe sent you to me, and me to you.

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come my dear girl.

I love you so much. I know the best is yet to come.

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