Husband’s Lullaby

I’m a nocturnal person. Super hyper and full of energy at night than during the day. Right from school days - college days- till now, I have always been this way.
I can be awake for three days in a row without sleeping for a minute. I have practiced this during school days. This has turned me literally into a wild animal. I struggle to sleep early and wake up early. I think a lot, I mean a real lot when its quiet and everybody is asleep.

(My worst obstacle)

I had always enjoyed being nocturnal my whole life but now I have been working hard to be at rest in the nights. It’s just a little more than a year since I got married. Now I see changes and the battle within me is almost over.

Yes, it is no more the way I had expected it to be.

At night when my mind is clouded with thoughts of uncertainty, it gets really hard to shut my system down and catch some sleep.

He looks at me, smiling and makes me know he is there for me.

He puts his arms over me and lets me feel the warmth of his sweet love.

He lets me lie down next to him with my head on his chest and cuddles my hair.

He makes me listen to his heart beat rhythmically into a lullaby, putting me to sleep like a baby.

It is the best song ever, cause it helps me rest, erasing the disturbing thoughts and draws my attention to the one I love!!

Thanks for your time. This is my first post and so hope you enjoyed it. I am not good at writing but have a desire to work on it. Have a lot of little things in life to share.

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