How To Enjoy This Life

You are a gem with beautiful inclusions clouding clarity

My photo, Gem

We entangle within this small space of the backseat of his car. I don’t know why I love playing with men within this restricted, and easily found out space, but I do. We look at each other, brown and hazel depths intermixing.

“So, random question, what are some things you enjoy about me?”

I ask the man across from me. He gives me this look that many do, they hate being put on the spot. I can see his mouth open and close.

He strokes his longer, scruffy beard that feels ridiculously soft against my skin. I throw myself on his chest with a playful grin.

“Not to be a girl or anything like oh please tell me how pretty I am. And that you want to fuck me besides other things. I’m just always curious with the response.”

Like me as I am

The responses are physical, of course. My tits are amazing, my ass is incredibly spankable and bouncy.

  • “I like your skin, it’s so ridiculously soft.”
  • “You’re beautiful.”
  • “Your face and your eyes.”

And my personal favorite, truly:

“Because you’re so much fun to fuck.”

He says I’m beautiful while cupping my chin. That shit is something I wasn’t even aware would get a tingle within my nether regions. But, it undeniably does when he holds my chin and it confuses me because I’m sensitive about this area.

The few times people have touched me on my face when I was younger they meant to hurt me or annoy me.

I’ve been told I’m cute more times than I can count. My eyes roll and I say that I must be a motherfucking puppy dog to be described as something so silly sounding as ‘cute.’

I’m aggressive, abrasive, hard, untrusting, but cute? Yet, I can’t deny beautiful sounds nice, and it still doesn’t matter to me. I know my face appeases to some and maybe not others. My body is a brick house of muscle. It’s top and bottom heavy within an hourglass structure.

Enjoyment besides physical

What I enjoy about this man is his intelligence, humor, hilarity, ability to try new things and to make me curious to do it too. There’s physical qualities I can give you for every man I’ve become interested in and care for. Each one is like the most unique gem I’ve been gifted to hold within my hands and I can see the impurities that clouds their clarity.

The impurities is what makes them special and unique to me, a completely perfect gem structure without inclusions? That isn’t being a human to me, I love the nuances of who they are.

Isle, the Scorpio is inherently chill, yet so incredibly fiery at times. He is intelligent, worldly, and expands my mind with his knowledge. I learn new things about him every time he opens up to me.

He is also a man that the physical act of fucking is like mine. Release me, replenish me, restore me with being totally present to possess me.

KW is an incredible kinkster that our kinks align wonderfully. He’s also a sensual teaser that is a Switch like me. He does things that I’ve begged men in my head to do to me but they just don’t know my strange turn ons.

He loves his family, is compassionate, kind, and an explorer of food, languages, and places. With him it’s highly unusual that he puts me in new places I’ve never been before and I allow myself to do this. I want to control situations and I let him show me his world, and discover new things, and it’s always great.

There are two other men that I greatly care for, yet are impossible to get my hands on. They couldn’t be more night and day different. Yet, I admire them so much more than their physical attributes that make it such a delight for me to devour them.

When they whisper compliments to me I merely smile in response. I know the beauty I possess, the curves they crave, all of these things. What they do for me is to give me this much needed, physical release. And to teach me more about this world than what I already know.

The inclusions are incredible

They are amazing men with faults, weaknesses, inclusions and clarity within their gem structure. I care for them, yet none of them do I want to tie down in a relationship. I want us to be what we need to be for each other right now. With all of them it’s a physical release just like me. I’m more than happy to satisfy their needs as they do the same for me.

A booty call, an extended play session, a never stopping tease session without sex, nothing but fucking for endless hours. Let me give you my all in this moment. But you do not need to be my everything. I am complete and whole as a being right now. I’m just such a fan of the physical act of exploring with another.

They expand me as they explore me in this present moment. Sexually, physically, mentally moving me to a different way of thinking and seeing things. That is so fucking beautiful to me, your inclusions are stunning.

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