Here’s To Love

Image Source: Derikisu on Tumblr.

A passion that grows unwatered, a garden that grows untended, 
A beast that matures unchecked, pursuing its wilful way. 
A labyrinth of mystery, of lust, trust and passion.
A place so inviting that you’ll not be turned away.

Once inside you’re addicted, self-reliance is evicted 
Yet the air is nought but roses and life’s one sunny day. 
You’re lost in paradise, a daydream with no ending, 
A chamber of beauty, a pasture of hope.

But then the sun eclipses and your dream becomes a nightmare 
For the moon’s a jealous goddess that is wont to have her way. 
As your heaven turns to hell and the world blacks out around you, 
You realise you’ve been gulled; that there’s an end to every day.

And you cry and wail for mercy, but all you’re dealt is heartache 
And you stab your heart in anger for the role weak sentiment did play.
And as you tumble downwards, the doors of fate burst open, 
And the windows quickly fasten and there’s no getaway.

If only life were different, if only blindfolds earlier lifted, 
Then perchance you’d have managed these sentiments to slay. 
But now your destiny is carved, your brooding fate fulfilled, 
And love, now proved a tyrant, is left to strike another day.

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