Her Silence Says It All !

Credit :Akshar Dave

I Have Experienced

Silence has its own manifestation of love where words are less and emotions floats like the sea, so powerful yet so calm and expressive.

It has been a decade old relationship which was happily arranged. I saw my better half right on the day when I was supposed to tie a knot to be officially labelled as married. I can’t forget that day it was so surreal, she was beautifully clad, like a queen, glittering like diamonds and when she reached just near the elevated stage, she looked straight into my eyes for a microsecond and that was enough to express all the emotions she preserved for this very special moment of her life, it is still so fresh in my memory. I can make it out that she was nervous on one side as she was concerned about her parents, on the flip side, she was ecstatic too, she wanted to say a lot, but was holding somehow, but her eyes were sending an intense message wrapped with an emotion of pure love.

Now It’s 10 Years: We Still Prefer To Be Silent

We have navigated through many ups and downs and are about to celebrate our 10th anniversary, in all these years we have shared many heart-melting moment, and also the moments of distress where we argued and expressed our dissatisfaction in words we found best suited for that moment, but one thing still remains unchanged, when it comes to expressing our emotion full of love & care we relied on silence to be our communicator. It has always worked wonders for us and has given some magical moments.

Morning Where Silence Is The Only Language

Every morning when I am all set to leave for my office, she hardly utter a word saying “Bye” she prefers to keep silent, she comes to the balcony on the first floor and see me off with a blink of an eye with a message to “drive safe and come back home I will be waiting eagerly” . I find this relationship to be a kind of meditation, which triggers my hidden happiness to reach to its extreme level of bliss and put’s me into a kind of Flow. This flow helps me to perform at my supreme best.

If you are in a state of pure bliss, you hardly notice how time fly past and you are super productive in that state of flow & ecstacy.

What Is The Point ?

I have a strong message to convey to all you awesome readers who are currently reading this article with the intense silence within you and who can feel the “ Love to be in the air” .

  • There will be a time when you may struggle to put your emotions into words, but remember feelings don’t need a language, our eyes, our face has its own inbuilt mechanism to express it all. Love, Hate, Anger all can be conveyed silently and it is very often more Impactful and has deeper reach. Also, silence helps us tackle, many situations which would have gone against if the word would have uttered. So master it and you may become more powerful and expressive.
  • Some relationships are so serene and beautiful that it can only find its expression in being silent. So lose yourself fully and let your silence say it all. Let love be in the air & simply enjoy these sublime feelings of “Being In Love


Endorsing the silence is in no way a recommendation that you never speak up, it is just that some emotions are well expressed being silent. If you feel like you need to speak your heart out, don’t stop, let yourself be free and express what you feel. Relationship is a kind of understanding where both are committed unconditionally, so if your emotions are correct & strong enough, you can easily say your words or express your emotions in a way you feel comfortable and that should work fine for you.

Thus, I Say:

When you are in intense love, you drop all the judgements and conclusions, you simply offer yourself to each other completely. It’s a state of complete surrender without any label or any if’s & but’s. This state of surrender needs no language but a complete silence where your body does all the talking and makes a deeper sense.