Photo by anya-anti.com

While you sleep
And dream
And fantasise
I, here, count your heartbeats
I, form a rhythm to them
And as your chest goes up and down
I smile, with the mere thought of your liveliness
After all, you are most alive when you are asleep
Your eyelids twitch sometimes
And I talk to you, as if my voice will soothe you 
You turn from this to that side
And I wonder, if you felt my gaze
You put your arm around me in sleep
And I smile, convincing myself, 
That you’re dreaming of me.
But are you?
They say that we dream our deepest thoughts
But am I a part of depth of your thoughts
On second thought, do you even have depth?
Or do you even think of me?
While you aspire, and smile
And win every war in your sleep
I fight my own battles, and yet,
I, here, count your heartbeats!

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