I’ve never believed in the expression, “if you love someone, you’d want them to be happy”. For some reason I never agreed with it. I just thought that it couldn’t be true, because if you know you can make them happy, then wouldn’t you do everything you can to make them stay?

Or the phrase, “if you love something or someone, set them free”. Why would you set that person free when you can’t bear to live without them.

That is all selfish thought.

Today I realized what that means. It’s not that you couldn’t make them happy. You did make them happy! In fact, you made them so happy they considered spending the rest of their life with you. Please do not discredit yourself for that.

Here’s the thing:

If you love someone, if you genuinely love them, their happiness means something to you. For me, I was willing to do anything for her. Yes, even the most drastic of measures. I loved her so much, so her happiness mattered to me. It still does.

I know she was happy with me. I know that.

I just really hope that she will be happier with him. I hope both your smiles are twice as big as ours were.

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