Game, set, match

Game, set and match, except the game’s just begun.

The direction changed, sport unknown and reality to follow.

It’s my way with no restriction.

The drama, the mayhem, the lies manipulations and deceptions, the pretenders and fakers the noise-makers…

All belonging in the past of my existence.

They’ll come and they’ll go, settling for their presence a definite no.

Their choices, the words, have no bearing,

It bears no trust in them or their meaning.

Took a step back to find what was lost at this time.

Took the time to heal and rediscover.

Finally, its time for the facade to be over!

Still bearing the sweetness of the spring and the force of the winter,
the innocence of a child and the wisdom of the elders.

A determination, the focus and the power a force to be reckoned 
Never to be underestimated!


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