From Across the Bay

I saw you standing by the peir. The look of you, seemed transfixed and exposed. You were standing from across the bay. The sea strung music of the waves crashing between the rocks. Your red skirt danced in the cool breeze. Your silk black hair twisted in the wind.

I watched as you swayed from side to side, your expression seemed to convey loneliness but that was my imagination talking. I watched you as you walked slowly across the peir. Your eyes were transfixed on the ocean.

But just for a quick moment as my eyes glued to your every move; you looked at me from across the pier. From that short moment, your deep eyes took my breath away. The soul and deepness of your eyes sent my body on fire. Your soft grin towards me made my heart jump into my throat. I had a hard time looking away from you. Your hair, your eyes, your soft smile…everything about you was so beautiful. I just needed to walk across this bay, to see if your soul was beautiful as well…