Fretting thirst of love

I got attached to her since the day I got to know what she felt for me. The day I decide to say her my part of a story.I was mesmerized by the approach of mine when I followed her to the washroom.I thought of pushing her towards the wall by providing a sweet kiss on beautiful lips.It’s all started since then were for us it became important to express each other emotion.I fell for her touch all I could say myself by dreaming about her the entire night.

She is so pretty I find myself drawn to her beauty which gets depicted well in her face.My days have turn out for her.Baby, you rule my entire day as being the part of my thoughts.I am so much into you where I can’t help myself to be away from you even for a second.
I ask myself what she got in herself which pulls me towards her hungrily.When I look into her deep eyes I get totally engrossed in her innocence.I find the innocence of little kid hidden within her soul.
At times I just want her love to fulfill the sense of my emptiness. I ask Almighty where was she for so long time why do I get connected to her every bit and piece.

I wonder making love with her could purify the rotten soul of my which had lost the charm of getting love from an outsider.I recall when I went to close to her I felt like holding her in my arms for a long time.But, I somehow gain myself back without letting her know what I go through in her absence.I must tell The erotic smell of her body can arouse you to get lost in the most unusual world.I wish I would find earlier in my life because through her I got a chance to discover myself in all the new way.I love her with all the depth of the mine, whereas, I want the happiness to reach her doorstep every single day with the first morning rays.

My love will remain forever for her.She transformed me into a whole new person I never imagined of it.She is the reflector of my life through which I get to see my reflection every day.Even if I might be away but she will remain in my life as a part of me.

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