I felt it. I finally felt it. It pricked along the length of my limbs until it nestled into the curves of my palms and the peaks in my toes. It was freedom. Emotional freedom from the trapped logic I puzzled myself into in my past love. Yes, it was freedom. It was wind blowing through the sails of my life with no directional care in the world — just onward.

But it was also a cave. A deep cave in which I concealed all of my other emotions, no longer able to spill them over a soul whose pinging results I valued.

Freedom is a lonely road less-traveled, I believe. And I don’t necessarily mean freedom from love alone, I mean freedom from it all — freedom from anything controlling; a boss, a friend, family. But I suppose freedom is also utter bliss among those in your life who are contributing to it.

Freedom — such a simple complication.