face the green

i said what i said and its all that i said
and now the sweet girl will not call me
I SAID what I said, with the words writ in red
and now that white page is ripped from me

i stood where i stood and i wept from the heart
and yes all the people mourned with me
i lipped what was mentioned from end to the start
and i whispered what passions took o’er me

the light of that meadow, the grins on those hills
the wind it was straight from the ancients
you can’t find these fervors from bottles or pills
or know what i know by such strange hints

i told her the truth, said it straight from the arrow
what else would a girl have me do?
and now she’s gone south, like a lost little sparrow
and i have dug holes with her shoe

it’s true that she’s got me, like a weed, like a brier 
since i am as mortal as fields
don’t be fooled by my collar, the stairs go no higher
than all that raw beauty she wields

so i pounce once again on that book which sustains me
and preach what the wind never says
for all of this life which enriches and drains me
without her and Him never pays.

i preach, and i preach, for its all that’s left in here
i preach what the waters have spoken
i preach what you need, I water your ear
for like me, you also are broken

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