Early Autumn’s Dream

part two of my sonnet series

Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash

Love’s not an elusive game of hearts to play,
I kissed it gently from your face, just this morn
My eyes tracing each hallowed space, to lay
Beside you, silent as a candle I adorn

Your chest, shuddered breath rises to day’s call,
Leaving my body aching for your return,
Busying myself, but trickles of you fall
Through me, in echoed sighs of night I yearn

For you, who mended wings — igniting thirst,
Who coaxed me in silken words to quell shivers,
When head lifted to kiss, a caged heart burst,
Circled back to you, maiden flight delivered

Trust, not in fragile shells of you, nor me — 
In love…for my soul’s dream you’ll always be

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