Dynasty Reboot Sam and Steven:hottest same sex couple on tv these days….

Have you seen the chemistry between characters Sammy Jo and Steven Carrington in the dynasty reboot? It’s simply off the charts! I know it says “hottest same sex couple” on the title but honestly they are just the hottest couple on TV in general. Any scene with the two of them together gets my heart racing especially if it’s a romantic scene. The kissing scenes between them will give everyone watching unrealistic expectations of how hot and charged their own romantic moments can be!

I love the director’s instructions to make them sort of smile at each other before going in for the kiss and the sensual passionate way they hold each other while kissing as per the director’s guidance. For the first time in a long while I’m finally seeing excellent directing during romantic scenes and actors that actually have chemistry with each other. They make the scenes look so effortlessly convincing and believable. I think of other famous TV couples like Ross and Rachel from friends, Aria and Ezra from pretty little liars, Ginny and Harry from harry potter and honestly their scenes are so drab and dull in comparison. Maybe it’s the fact that they are a same sex couple that gives their scenes that extra spice, not to say that all same sex couples on TV are exciting and interesting of course! As with anything on TV, it depends on the writing, the actors and the direction.

It’s an interesting choice from the writers to have them hook up in the very first episode, sort of flirt with each other in the next three episodes, separate for a few episodes and then have them eventually find their way back to each other in episode 15. It’s always a good idea to prolong the will they won’t they aspect of any potential couple in order to build up as much tension as possible and let’s be honest for any TV series it’s never interesting after the two characters get together and begin an inevitably monotonous relationship. In fact, in romantic comedies the end is essentially signalled by the two leads getting together because that marks the end of drama and therefore the end of romantic tension. Hence I was a bit sceptical to see them lock lips rather early on in the season but with this couple their presence together on screen is just so freaking electric that I honestly didn’t mind and who can blame me ? Their magnetic connection with each other was established early on in the series and somehow that connection has just heightened as the episodes progress. In episode 16, Steven’s speech in Spanish (so that other the others in the room wouldn’t understand) to Sam confessing his feelings during his grandfather’s funeral (who tried to get Sam deported back to Venezuela) was the sweetest thing I ever saw. It was so cute to see Steven get so hurt over his grandfather’s desire to get rid of Sam and to see Steven do everything he can to protect Sam. Ahhh I just can’t with all the cuteness.

But it’s not just their cute and hot scenes together (although they certainly help) that makes this blossoming couple so intriguing and pleasurable to watch. Sam and Steven’s personalities complement each other so well which i suppose explains why their cute and hot scenes are so cute and hot in the first place: Steven is a stress monkey and kind of intense whereas Sam is fun and knows how to enjoy himself. While all the excess and luxury that comes with his family’s wealth makes Steven extremely uneasy, Sam having grown up in a poor family not only appreciates it but revels in it and is most at ease in the Carrington mansion which makes for an interesting paradox as one would expect it to be the opposite. The contrast between the two but also their similarities as they both share the same sense of humour renders their bond on screen strong and believable.

Here’s to the writers and directors being able to continue the momentum and giving us more unrealistically cute scenes that allow our imaginations to escape the daily grind to that happy place every once in a while.