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Letter sent on Aug 23, 2017

Doubling Down on Writing From the Heart

Dear P.S. I Love You readers,

Last week, after a few months of deliberation, David and I made the decision to officially change P.S. I Love You’s tagline. I view it as something of recalibration of our mission statement, or perhaps a condensing of it:

Writing from the heart. Stories about life, loss, and love in the digital age.

This message is brought to you by AMI. Your friend with a story.

I’m super excited about this. P.S. I Love You’s old tagline was Real Relationships. Real Advice. And there was absolutely really seriously nothing wrong with that. We do and will continue to publish articles that provide advice, and we most certainly will continue publishing pieces about real people in real relationships.

In my opinion, however, Writing from the heart more accurately captures what P.S. I Love You is about, sort of at its core, and it encapsulates precisely what we as a publication want to more purposefully commit ourselves to. We want to become the go-to place on the internet for genuine, honest writing about genuine human experience — writing which by design needs to come from the heart. Stories told bravely. Poems penned with verve. Essays that open up the ribcage. (If you’re writing pieces like this, btw, shoot me a message; we’d love to work with you.)

I hope others out there are excited about this, too. I think there’s a big future ahead of us here at P.S. I Love You, and in many ways, that future sort of officially starts now.

OK, now onto this week’s stories — which are awesome, as usual.

That’s all for now. Until next week, #OneLove.


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