Dogs By the Bosphorus Sea in Istanbul

Photo Credit: Cuteness

There were so many dogs in the seaside this morning. 
Some of them were owned and others were strays.

Some had leashes on them and a few owned dogs didn’t have any and all of the strays had colored plastic tags pierced into one of their ears and all were unhealthily bloated.

I’m not much of a dog fan but I liked seeing the dogs, big and small, bark at each other in playful greeting. Two or three dogs that looked like Spot raced each other on the boulders lining the coast. One large homeless dog stood on a huge rock barking down at one of the spaces between boulders to perhaps intimidate a poor stray cat (a lot of stray cats tend to make homes out of the humongous stones on the coast). there were dog owners that walked two or three dogs at a time either holding their leashes or letting their dogs walk alongside them at their own paces. I heard a long whistle coming from one female dog owner who says, “Good morning” to me in Turkish of which I return with a cheery wave and smile. There is a male dog owner who enjoys throwing a colorful ball as fr as he could for his dog to play fetch with. he scoops the ball up after receiving it from his dog and walk and throw the ball several times. Along the stretch of coast in central Kadikoy on this particular Sunday morning, paired conversations were made between dog owners standing in place or strolling while their dogs socialized in their own way. 
On one side of the coast is a grassy hill. My favorite sight of the morning was watching a young woman and man walk up the grassy incline after their small white bearded dog and of a big golden retriever sprinting across the grassy side of hill.

How liberated and pure that running retriever looked.

My eyes followed his moving figure during those couple of seconds. I felt very good watching him be so happy.

Dogs look like they just want to have fun and have good relationships. They live for going outside, for love and loyalty and for playing.

I hope to see more scenes of dogs moving with all their might at full speed many more times to come.

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