pic by Ashley Williams, chosen because I like the impermanent representation of romance in the sand

Do you hear their heart beat?

Do you hear it in the drums, in the percussive rhythm of the bass, in the symphony of sound that surrounds you outside?

Do you hear it in the whir of traffic, in the sporadic sirens that pepper the atmosphere?

Do you hear the music of the world around you? In the sway of the trees, in the rustling of the leaves, in the song of the breeze?

Do you hear the heartbeat of the earth beneath your feet?

Do you feel warmth pulsating through your veins, hear the pounding of your feet as you march to your own beat?

Do you hear your heartstrings singing from the beauty around you?

Do you hear the engine hum — your heartbeat drum — as scenes from your life flicker quickly past the windows?

Do you hear their hearts sing, dream, wish, love, and long for what’s barely within reach?

Do you hear their heart beat steadily on, as constant as the sun rises and sets day by day?

Do you hear their heart beat?

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